Monday, March 02, 2015

Planting, Seeds and Photographer 'Villager Jim'

Planting and Seeds

My experience of a dose of flu' has meant that I've neglected early seed sowing but speaking with other allotment holders at the weekend and making an impromptu seed swap I was enticed by Tomatoes that were described as growing  like piles- they're actually  heritage type and called 'Millefleur' Yellow Vine Tomatoes (Centiflor Type) - I'm going to sow these indoors in the next day or two:
Old style 'Tom's' 

 I've sown outdoors in pots: 

Peas - Hurst Green Shaft
Broccoli - Green Calabrese
Broad Beans- Dreadnought

The plan will be to sow more peas in a couple of weeks for succession planting.

 Photographer Villager Jim

Newspaper article last week about an anonymous photographer 'Villager Jim' described as The Rural Banksy of Photography  -some cracking pictures on his site here.

And he's unmasked now.

Not by Villager Jim but Urban Tim

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