Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Back on the Allotment and is the BBC Trust chair 'not up to the job?'

Well as I've whinged on I was hit by the 'Flu and this is (I like to think) the reason I've neglected Plot 202 but the bill for the years rent  came in last week and the weather's picked up recently  so today I made the effort and went down.

Well the good news was that the plot was nothing like as bad as I feared - seems that during the winter things don't grow (I had forgotten how true this is) - and that's even true of the weeds.

Buds are appearing on trees and in the hedges though so I need to get my finger out to start sowing a selection of vegetables soon.

On a bright day it's a pleasure to be out on site.

I need to turn over the soil ahead of getting onions etcetera and some woody type waste that needs a bonfire to see it off.
We'll see how full it is next time

As well as digging out some weeds, topped up the bird feeder (not sure if this is good allotment behaviour?).  I trimmed  the paths with the  first grass cutting of the year and watered the roots of my fruit trees.

I was also reminded why I enjoy spending time in the fresh air and I even came back with some leeks and turnips, anticipate a few aches in the morning though.
Leeks that'll make a nice change

 The Chair of the BBC Trust is Grilled

There's something  of a coterie  from which  governments of all hues select personnel to oversee the rest of us, Margaret Hodge a Labour MP was giving one of their number Rona Fairhead a rather intense  grilling earlier in the week.

 Rona  the wife of  Tom a former Conservative councillor and director of Campbell Lutyens  (a Private Equity financing outfit) was already working for HSBC and Pepsi-Cola before she was anointed by the Tories to look after the overseeing of the BBC as Chair of 'The Trust'. 

It's the  HSBC duties (for which she earns around £1/2 Million a year - seems a lot doesn't it?)  that's   bringing an intense spotlight upon her - Margaret  has her doubts about her capabilities as you can see here.

Most of the UK Press seem to be equally unimpressed with the revelations from Fairhead and her position looks shaky (but not as shaky as Jeremy's).

Seems disappointing that so many  'Public servants' are revealed as not only self-serving but  being  devoid of integrity they don't seem overly competent - some might say that if they weren't so well connected they wouldn't necessarily  flourish?
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