Sunday, March 01, 2015

Looking for the sun and Ed

On Saturday we booked a week away for some early sun, old school courtesy of  our local Thomas Cook.
There are discounts here too

We generally use an actual Travel agent to book our holidays, undoubtedly it's not the cheapest way of doing it but it means we none times out of ten achieve a booking otherwise our intent becomes diluted and we don't get around to it.

Seems early sun is on the menu in Canary Islands so we've opted for Fuerteventura one I think we've not really stayed at as yet (we did, I think have a very brief diversion there during some bad weather as our intended airport at Gran Canaria became unavailable. 

 A word of advice if you're thinking of doing the same and booking with Thomas Cook there are potential discounts, if you get over the £900 mark and  as we were close to this we just added a couple of extras and effectively we got these for free (The now chargeable sitting together for example).

[Oh yes, apparently Fuerteventura means either, depending on your tendency 'what a great adventure' or Strong Wind - climatic not digestive.]

A reminder of Ed

Well I reckon Ed Miliband might be playing a better game than many credit him for  (seemed  curious that the 'Mail On Sunday' feel the need to worry about David Owen's Tax affairs on Ed's behalf) but I'm thinking here about Ed Ruscha.

Ed Ruscha has been on my mind and I suppose every Gas Station (or similar) now reminds me of him, be a great project to re-visit his earlier US petrol stations (I expect someone already has and will link when I find it until then here's one of Ed's for you)

Memories of elsewhere stirred by a National Tyre fitter

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