Saturday, March 21, 2015

Alliums @ The Allotment

Onion sets being sown
I've actually made a bit of a recovery on the growing, weeding sowing and digging front on Plot 202, thanks in part to some nice weather.

Friday, eclipse day was an  odd one with a cold start  to the day in London very overcast (no chance of seeing the moon's interruption to our view of the sun)  but by about one o'clock this all changed beautiful blue sky and a warm afternoon
Friday PM - going clear

And although today was somewhat colder there was no rain and managed to plant the remaining (white onion) set, along with Shallots, Garlic and Red onions  if they all come up going to be okay for most of the Allium family for some time from late summer onwards.

The plan now is to get potatoes sown before our short holiday but some digging to do before this is completed.

When I'm feeling a bit knackered am able to enjoy watching the wildlife or chatting with other plot holders.

Some like to watch while other younger birds enjoy water-sports

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