Thursday, March 19, 2015

Good things in the Budget

Well I'm not George Osborne's number one fan (in fact I rather doubt that I'm in the top 100 if such a large group should exist) but perhaps as an infinity of Monkeys bashing away at keyboards there are a a couple of things to partially celebrate aside from the electioneering elements included.

Local Newspaper Tax breaks

I'm saddened by the impact the internet has had on Local Newspaper viability (chiefly as a result of a mass migration of small ads) - without a vibrant local media more isolation and a lack of community are heightened - the local decision making process seems increasingly isolated and not subject to oversight -here in Ealing there have been steps made to stop Planning notices being published in the Ealing gazette for example.
Local papers are struggling

It seems that the Chancellor had heeded words from the News Media Association and a consultation on how tax support can be given to this threatened voice of local democracy.

This hopefully will not de-incentivise  the search for a 21st century solution to engaging local audiences but will help this beleaguered sector.


I seriously believe that decent housing is one of the most important elements in creating people who have a stake in their community and a positive outlook for themselves and their families.

While recognising the importance of open space in Cities, urban areas  and the countryside and Green Belt preservation those of us who have been fortunate enough to become home-owners should think of those who have not been so lucky and who are in poor housing conditions - it therefore makes sense that land that is agreed to be suitable for building on should be effectively managed.

Loads moire affordable homes are needed 

Hopefully the announcement yesterday of the intent to provide £1m to the  London Land Commission and for Housing Zones outside the capital will help people  into decent housing.

Normal straining versus government service will resume shortly :-)

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