Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Accident or Design (Museum) and Check out Luna Lee

Yesterday while I was in town  I took the opportunity to look at a few of the public  statues, like the commemorative 'Blue Plaques' on various buildings that are scattered around  they're a marvellous way of getting in touch with history.
Greathead and possibly a great Engineer too

First one I was drawn to outside the 'Bank' station was to J H Greathead (what a fantastic name) - seems Greathead (James Henry to his friends) was a Chief Engineer - who led the work around boring in London (something I'm prone to do too).

Not too far away by Royal Exchange Buildings there's another monument to a monumental figure who bestowed improved communications by the use of Pigeons - not sure if they still deposit on his head but the Belgian born Reuter bestowed upon us a company that's significant in all things News and Financial  (Now Thomson Reuters)

Reuter's statue  without pigeons 

The final Statue is again an indicator of the importance of migration and our international  age the American born George Peabody - the name of Peabody is almost synonymous with Philanthropy around housing in London

George Peabody  has undoubtedly earned himself a sit down

Design Museum

London press coverage of Design Museum move
Good to see that the Design Museum is not forgotten about in the London Standard - [erhaps there'll be a public statue to the leading figure behind it, Sir Terence Conran one day.

The move to Kensington and change to free entry is being supported by the Arts Council with a £3m  award signalling the importance of the Modern Design paradigm

Luna Lee from Korea Rocks

 On a different topic check out the great Hendrix interpretation below, Luna Lee does other great songs in a different stylee too..

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