Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A growing Ealing economy and Allotment time- where do I get these batteries?

Cynics might wonder if some economic activity is planned to coincide with elections, certainly around me what is happening could be used in support of the 'Green Shoots of economic recovery' argument - empty shops are becoming inhabited and building projects are progressing, these though seems to be mainly residential and/or hotels.

There's another Ealing hotel in the making
and just a few doors up more demolition
The stretch of Uxbridge Road between Ealing and West Ealing continues to ‘morph’ into a downturn 21st Century  city landscape. above you can see  the demolition is well under-way on the left it's for another new Hotel (next to Dominion Housing HQ) I'm not too sure what the other site near the Police station  has been given planning approval for.

A former Mobile phone outlet becomes upmarket trinkets
Less court appearances perhaps?

In the Ealing Broadway centre one of the long term outlets the strangely accented Baron Jon is closing (are you tempted to buy one of their remaining mannequin a snip for just £25) - I don't know if this means that less young men now need a suit for their court appearances  but further into the centre there's good news for fashionable girls (predominantly)  with Pandora bracelets as the recent opening of a fresh store means they won't have to make the journey into Shepherd's Bush Westfields.

When did new living space start  to be launched?
It's not all corporate  in West Ealing

The good news is that the activity is not confined to upmarket Ealing - West Ealing's benefiting too - with the Chat and Meet coming back to life in Drayton Green  Road now branded as 'Ealing Blueprint' and very much a business initiative and deeper into West Ealing more homes are being 'Launched' as Drayton Place  (no not only an iphone but somewhere to live is now launched) . 

Allotment time again

Well another fine day and have actually planted Garlic (2 varieties) and Shallots - felt very guilty when I explained my poor efforts were due to 'Flu - others struggling with far more serious conditions and praising NHS hospitals particularly London's Charing Cross .

Allotment open space got me thinking that pressure must be on for sell -off's to help councils  manage their Westminster mandated local government funding crisis, I was assured by nearby committee member that I can rest easy in terms of our particular site it is not Council owned and was bequeathed to be held for purpose of allotments .   

Next worry was where to get a replacement strimmer battery (see below) - any ideas am going to check  with Robert Dyas (where unit was purchased) but fear it is a discontinued line and perhaps the same for the battery?

where the connections are
The upper side

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