Tuesday, March 03, 2015

South Ealing Eateries? and George is Litigious

Walpole- small Cafe -big helpings

The area around St Mary's in Ealing has a number of Cafés, Pubs and restaurants probably aided by the presence of the University campus and the proximity to Ealing 'proper'.

One of the funniest meals we've ever had (in a Fawlty- esque manner) was an Italian one at Eatalian - a restaurant we'd previously rated highly but on this occasion prolonged waits missing items and general confusion, sadly the place closed about a week later and this  pretty much explained the lack of coherence.
Not Tescos but what will it be?

Well it and Butlers Thai (somewhere that seems to have been open for ever) are both non functioning, it's easy for the nature of a neighbourhood to change and the Eatalian restaurant  was almost a Tesco (before an outcry and Tesco retrenchment following boardroom problems).
And nearby Butlers is closed

Hopefully all will come good and we will also try Casa Roberta in the same block.

George Galloway

I'm not sure how seriously the cat impersonating (Big Brother in all its glory)  Respect MP George  should be taken.
After working on the Russian funded TV channel (RT) and other media work it can sometimes be difficult to take him totally seriously as a full time politician.
George  does stand up for what he proclaims - I'm not sure that this necessitates what looks like over reaction to Twittering against him.
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