Saturday, March 07, 2015

Old Oak - the next big development in London - and Ealing Snaps

The community centre
Yesterday afternoon I was out delivering CAB/EBD presentation just near Old Oak Common, sadly not a great turn out, Friday afternoon is problematic and it feels like some of the heat has gone out of the energy issue - and again I'm reminded of how difficult it is to reach those people who could benefit from finding out more about how to use the tools that are available.

Tin Whistle Player - spare a dime?

There are people increasingly visible on our streets looking for help and the government (our government) who look the other way and emphasise tax cuts and looking after yourself.

Old Oak feels like a little piece of country, I know that we're pretty much in a developed area but it is nice to have some open space that looks wild and does provide home for a little bit of nature.

Seems Eric Pickles, the community minister (until May anyway) has rubber stamped a development plan for this undoubtedly underdeveloped part of what is some  of a very valuable part  of Europe's top city (London).

I just hope that some  green space can be preserved for urban dwellers and wildlife - and good luck to campaigners who don't only care about money.

Almost country side (at the moment

An area for kids

And Ealing's visual message

On my way home last night saw these images - is there a message there?

Keep out the Drop Zone

Keep out the Drop Zone (is that door secure?)

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