Sunday, April 27, 2014

Zeebox becomes Beamly

It's nearly 2 years since I saw Anthony Rose explain Zeebox and I was quite impressed at this time, fast
 forward to November 2012 and I went along to Zeebox Towers in Soho  to be part of the  user interface studies they were carrying out there.

Well for me it went a bit quiet after this partly because the 'App' they had was not designed for Blackberry Playbook and partly because I wasn't sure it was something I needed/enjoyed.

Well the news now is that Zeebox is Beamly - as they say

'zeebox is reborn as Beamly. We've changed - but we still love TV! We've added a fresh new look, plus great new features for you to play with.

There's a nice interview with the Beamly Boss here - time will tell if this can be the goto place for social TV interactions or if it goes instead to Facebook..

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