Monday, April 14, 2014

Fixings and London Live fails to make ripples

We're well into the growing season and as well as having (far too many) seedlings and germinating trays in the house I've starting the 'hardening' process - that is start getting plants used to the weather outside before the shock of planting them outside.

On the allotment yesterday I managed to drill the first greenhouse fixing, sadly such is the work that it takes to do this that one charge of my rechargeable drill only completes on hole so it is going to take a few further visits to finish off the fixings.
Once the Greenhouse is fixed I have shelves to put in place and I will then be able to relocate some of the trays and seedlings and get some space indoors back.

Hope it holds.

London Live on TV

It's now 3 weeks since the launch of London's own TV station and for me it's not changing my viewing habits, that's not to say it's a disaster but it is not creating enough of a buzz to get the requisite 'what am I missing' feel to make us seek it out (the lack of viewing on my part could be down to the fact that it is part of the Freeview channels rather than the Freesat which is our default) .
The Telegraph and the Guardian have both taken an interest and reviewed but this is not going to set the world on fire as well as the workmanlike reruns we need controversy for this channel to stand out (think Channel 4 and 5 in their early days) - I wish it well but it needs both more of the London more of the Live and more 'oh my god moments'.
More like this please...

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