Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ordinary World...

Ordinary World is a great song by Duran Duran (and a favourite of Mr Shaun Sullivan) but as a term it is to me so much more...
Having recently read Alain de Botton's book on Proust ( How Proust Can Change Your Life ) and started on the In search of Lost time that it describes  I'm beginning to see something of the message that (I think) Alain is seeing in his interpretation of  Marcel's work and life.

But is there something of a movement around ordinariness?

Or perhaps this should be something about living life - the 'be here now' that some thinkers  say is the way we should live.

As well as Michael Foley it seems that the artist Liam O'Farrell wants to examine, celebrate and see life as it is - he talks about everyday of the Beatles The Penny Lane and tries to capture it.

Who are the great Ordinary celebrators for you?

I would add Ray Davies (of the Kinks) and the US artist Edward Hopper in my personal list but there are so many ordinary things we should and could celebrate.

And here's the boys...

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