Wednesday, April 09, 2014

West London and no Blondie

Yesterday I took a few pictures in Sheperd's Bush, I really enjoy taking snaps that have colour and capture something of London.
Does it look like London?
While I don't know the congregation of the The Miracle of Praise Church in Loftus Road West London it has for me a Caribbean feel, this feeling was probably cemented by a nearby funeral in Uxbridge road which included (outside
the church) solemn mourners accompanied by African drumming.

The church is not too far from the revitalised Market and the Westfield shopping complex. I like the strong brash colours of the sign above the market and the way that it plays with our expectations and perceptions of a strongly 'branded' market.
 The shopping centre at Wesdtfield is a contrast (to put it mildly) and the Foyles that I went into on Tuesday was quiet (I expect book purchasers where busy in their offices visiting - what strruck me was a display of 'The School of Life' - I really rate de Botton but fear that he is (maybe deliberately) creating a consumer brand of Philosophy which although trying to fill a real desire and need is perhaps a bit  too much like an  'Ikea lite' for those seeking a craftsman made product in Philosophy  - it reminds me more than a touch of Grot as featured in the David Nobbs The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin 
Is it what Socrates would have wanted?

Come on in

Maria (you've got to see her)

So now that Maria Miller has been 'forced' from the cabinet  I can not pretend that I have no sympathy for her but I do feel that she has not handled the situation she found herself in well.

How much better it would have been if when the issue first arose she had reflected on the claims and her attitude, the result of her inability to sense the publics mood of outrage has meant that those who feel that indignation and disagreement is enough to see a minister from office.

For Ed Milliband there will be quite some pleasure I am sure in seeing the discomfort of David Cameron at the dispatch box but I fear that there are many Labour MPs who have expenses issues lurking in the recesses of time and I hope that he holds back on too much triumphalism  and an understandable  tendency to over play his hand.

And Maria this is an example of a great comeback..
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