Friday, April 11, 2014

Pea planting and new boy at the DCMS

A lovely spring day in West London meant that I was able to do some digging and planting, peas now in position and more weeds composting.

Many people were out on the site enjoying the weather which made for a nice friendly atmosphere.

Changes at the DCMS

A good article in the Times (10th April) reflecting on the performance of Maria Miller at the DCMS makes one reflect on the method of appointing ministers which tends to consider the 'importance' of the minister with a careerist profile, this tends to mean that ministers are at the DCMS as the nursery slopes of Cabinet government rather than a belief in the importance of Media Culture and Sport.

Let's hope that Sajid Javid who will most likely only be in the post for 12 months or so does not do any damage and perhaps even champions the Arts.
Sajid  has done well to reach Government office and is seen as an Osborne supporter.

Also  good point made in the article on what a fine job Peter Bazalgette is doing at the Arts Council, I've seen him speak a number of times and although he is  sometimes flippant the throwaway one-liners  can be deceptive -he's an intelligent man with wide ranging interests who does care about Culture both High and low(er) if the se categories still exist

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