Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Crime & nuisance on the plot

Early potatoes sown

Mulching around new fruit bushes

It is sad but seemingly inevitable that from time to time City allotment sites suffer uninvited guests  and again sheds are being broken into on our site.

There are a number of issues with people breaking into the site:-

1) It makes people feel unsafe, and causes less people to be on the premises which makes such occurrences more likely.

2) It means extra work in securing the sheds and expense - the idea that a secure shed will not be broken into is naive, it tends to make the people who break in think there's something worth taking.

3) There is an idea that it's better to leave the shed open and let people take what they want, this means though you need to either carry your tools with you or accept that you'll need to keep replacing them.

The frustrating thing is that tools taken are not going to fetch much money, they'll probably just be abandoned or used for other break-ins.

Personally I don't think it's getting any worse where I live and crime is not as bad as it was 20 or so years ago but it is irritating.

Having said that I have recently added some mulch to new fruit bushes, the mulch was provided by an arborist  and the bushes kindly given by another plot holder - it's not all bad news.

I have also sown (5) early potatoes hopeful;ly noi frosts to surprise me.

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