Monday, April 07, 2014

Not such a 'Hungry One' now and Ontology (3)

On Friday when we were Ealing a woman stopped us asking where McDonalds was she didn't live in Ealing but remembered it from when she was visiting before - we explained it was closed for a few more days but would re-open soon (I think it's back now) . Seemed that only McDonald's would do, she didn't want KFC and Subway wasn't in the running - the myriad coffee houses were not going to sate her current desire either - I had some sympathy - sometimes (for me) only a burger will do.
It's back now

It used to be the Hungry One
There aren't that many non-chain take-aways that I know that last 25 years (save for the traditional Fish and Chip places)  and I think West Ealing's 'Hungry One' has actually managed something around 30 - we until pretty recently  used to still make an occasional visit there and find it now sad that it's becoming another Pizza based place.
The burgers weren't the greatest but the combination of bun sauce and chips usually managed to hit the spot when required - so farewell Hungry One and we're on the hunt for a replacement.

 Ontology (3)

Now Ontology is something I've mused about before it's about existence and being - does something exist is the question it seeks to answer.
Parmenides is one of the early figures associated with Ontology Heidegger (Being and Time) is the man who put it back onto the philosophical table.
Here's an explanation..

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