Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Gertting there with the Greenhouse & Britsh Gas follow up

Aligning and holding the slabs

It really helps to have two people when constructing.

Well it's not finished yet but you can see that the Greenhouse (Harmony 6 x4)  is coming along well.

I would say that the kit is quite intimidating with hundreds of parts including nuts bolts and panels.

The instructions that come with the Greenhouse are fairly helpful but not absolutely foolproof and I would certainly recommend undertaking the project with help, it may not be absolutely necessary but as they say two heads are better than one and this has been the case where there has been some doubt about which way things go.
 Lots of parts to check off 
I have (as I did with the shed) underestimated the size of base required and have bought more slabs which will me  an a bit of extra excavation.
As I would imagine with most allotment sites fixing is a challenge because permanent concrete/cement work is not permitted - I plan to secure the base to the slabs by drilling and bolting but am worrying about the slabs cracking.

The remaining work is the door, various fixings and finishing touches and more sand to add between the slabs of the base.

British Gas follow up

Yesterday British Gas called to discuss further my change of energy provider (from them to Ovo), no problem with the call they did confirm if my consumption was the same as last year Ovo would save me £80 as compared with the best deal they could do for me.
The lady on the phone was unable to explain to me how Ovo could provide at a cheaper price than British Gas
I think that the energy companies are now recognising that they have not done enough to keep their customers content and need to up their game Well done Ed Milliband !
I confirmed that I would move to Ovo but would be checking again in a years time (as we need to these days), the change should be completed in the next few days

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