Thursday, April 17, 2014

I suppose they know what they're doing.. Motion show starts today at Saatchi..

Yesterday I went to the Saatchi gallery for the VIP launch of the Motion Photography Prize and it was for
Did someone say free drinks?
once actually useful to have a modern mobile phone with e-mails on so I could confirm my invitation.

Blimey! it was busy, so busy that it was difficult to really savour the works - which were as far as I could see exciting and on trend.

Get your head out the way

I've been to quite a few events at the Saatchi and the nibbles/drinks are quite variable but last night the spread was pretty good, if you wanted you could go back for more drink and there was cheese and cold meats with biscuits or bread- which is quite generous - this might be as a result of what Google (literally bring to the party) well perhaps it's from part of what they don't pay in UK tax.

If you get a chance do visit the exhibition which is now open to the public.

Thought this was quite amusing (in the area of Kings Road too) - I suppose it's a bit of school children's humour.

Grow up!

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