Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Aereo TV and House Painted

When  I was studying for my MA in Mass Communication it became clear to me how significant US
Not TV but attractive
Supreme court judgments are  in the commercial development of new technologies in the media space. At the time of my studies it was all about looking back at the decision around the use of recording/time-shift and Sony versus Universal.

Now we're in the age of Aereo and the current stand off is around the  technology  that further enhances and legitimises  the alternative methods of providing on-demand TV services to those who decide to cut the cord and remove a TV cash cow from the cable companies coffers.

Not just for snacking

The US court decision is due soon and it will have ramifications not just in the US as consumers (hopefully) are given the ability to pay for what they choose to watch rather than an unwieldy bouquet of premium sports and movies.The current model  that has preserved an unhealthy status quo for the TV broadcasters, distributors and producers looks set to be consigned to history.

A lick of paint

House painting.

We've had the house painted - it will hopefully hold together for another 5 years.

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