Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Carphone warehouse (not impressed) and #8 Love

Some weeks ago I was prompted by Carphone warehouse that the time was  right for an upgrade (my contract was coming to an end), I'd not been over excited about the phone I had used for the last couple of years (a Samsung) so I went in to see them in Ealing.
I came out with a Nokia Lumia phone and this seemed better for making calls and I anticipated from what I was told that the cost would be around the same.
Now after a few days my old phone was working but new one was not so I made a further visit to the shop and they activated the new phone for me.
About a month later I got a test telling me that the bill was about £45 which was around £30 more than I had expected - thought this might be something to do with switch to the new phone.
Next bill was again much higher than I had expected so called up O2 who told me I was on the wrong tariff and they promptly changed this and advised me that if I wanted a refund that would need to be brought up with Carphone warehouse - with this in mind I wrote to them explaining what had happened.
A few days later I got a letter from them telling me that I should go into the shop where I had contracted  with paperwork and see what they could do.
So I visited the shop..

The assistant I spoke with was most helpful but neither the sales person who I had seen before and selected the phone with (a Nokia Lumia 710) or the shop the manager were present and the assistant did not have the authority to sanction a refund.

The assistant pointed out that I had signed the agreement which clearly showed what was included but I remain unhappy as the phone has been costing me a lot more than my previous arrangement and when I initially followed up on the upgrade offer I had made clear I wanted a replacement not extra features. Although my contract is clear it was not obvious that the default on the phone would mean automatic daily charges.
I realised that I could  attend at the shop again but did not wish to have a long protracted discussion with out either side being happy.
So I again wrote to Carphone Warehouse explaining that  my additional cost since August has been over 50 pounds, that I have now amended my contract and hope that I d not face such unexpected charges in the future.
I have had a somewhat confusing reply to this but do not think that there is anything like an apology or gesture - so I've written again.

It's instructive to me to find out how badly this query has been handled and how my view of the company (that I had been happy with) has sunk - I would now like to not deal with them again - this is bad from their point of view but they don't realise it - we'll see what happens my view to date is

1) They are wasting their time (which equals money) on my irritating letters.
2) They have lost a customer for the next 10 years and someone who might have recommended them.

All a business like Carphone Warehouse is the brand which is the sales people/service if you can't protect this you are in trouble.

Now a nicer topic.. 

Number 8 Love

We (modern man/woman) probably think of Mills and Boon, Valentine's Day when this is mentioned.
Some feminists have a problem with this Romantic' Love seeing it as a male construct used to enslave them.

Crofton's book lists 3 types:

Affection - (platonic without the passion perhaps)
Sexual - (keeps the human race going - was Plato the first feminist- discuss)
Selfless (also known as Agape)
Plato and the gang considered Love of Wisdom as top love  (and the this is originally what Philosophy meant).