Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bond Skyfall and #4 Plato's Cave

Following reports that the latest 007 was a must-see on Thursday we visited Odeon Richmond to carry out the assignment.
Very much worth the trip £9.70 (I think) seems fantastic value, I think that new equipment must have been fitted and the digital quality really was a revelation - much better than the home experience of watching a film nad also now able to take a decent cup of coffee in (from Costa) which was good and part of a trend?
Enough of the strategically placed advertising (of which there was far less in the film than I had feared) - wow the film was very very good for a 'Bond' movie. Daniel Craig may be the best Bond he certainly shines in this action packed account of MI6 falling apart.
Lots of clever post modern referencing and generally quite knowing, but what we'd expect from a great director like Sam Mendes.
Not sure what was CGI and what wasn't but some great action sequences in London and Turkey - if you've not seen the film I think you should (theme tune is super as well).

Number 4 -Plato's Cave

This entry about Palto's Cave seems slightly heavier and is characterised by  one of Plato's dialogues within the republic  that is concerned with defining the human condition as seeing only shadows (whilst in a cave) - rather than the full picture - Philosophers do see more and recongise the limits of the shadows that are observed and considered to be the full picture (for those not in the know).
The device also covers the fact that even such definitions as we have are problematic and shifting.
[Update 30/01/14 here's a sort of lecture on the subject (written)  from a series by Dr Tom Kerns which provides a Philosophy 101 for free].