Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Playbook WiFi and #7 Human Nature

As a BT Broadband subscriber  I have registered with BT wifi which provides wireless access away from the home through a series of 'hotspots'.
Yesterday  when I was out and about in Ealing and thought I'd see if I could access from the Ealing Library or Caffé Nero (where I often enjoy one of their great Cappuccino Coffees) sadly I did not come across any signal on the Playbook - while I was in the coffee shop I did use the camera to take a picture (see here), I was amazed at the quality (which you might not see fully here).

Number 7 Human Nature.

Todays' entry from Big Ideas book is Human Nature- seems that there's a battle between the progressives/left and the reactionary right/ religious conservatives (as always).
Words from Hobbes

John Locke
Broadly speaking the battle over Human Nature is 'original' sin writ large while some such as Thomas Hobbes  (1588 to 1679) tended to believe that we're a sorry bunch destined to do bad things to one another unless order is imposed upon us there's an alternative view that we're not born to be rotters  but are more of a blank canvas with great potential (John Locke 1632 to1704 held this view).
You can see some of the arguments from the debate here.

On Vinyl today 18th Avenue by Cat Stevens