Monday, November 12, 2012

Cutty Sark, BBC and battle between Physics and the soul Plus BBC Chair under threat.

Last week I met up with former Euronews colleague Shaun and we visited the Cutty Sark at Greenwich.
Cutty Sark Hull and Café
It's over 40 years since my first trip to visit the Cutty Sark as a schoolkid studying in Essex.I believe the focus on the museum has changed as our current use of history has changed, it seemed to me there was quite a focus on the Chinese side of the Tea Clipper business (is is a coincidence that this is happening while Chinese tourism is booming in the UK?) Entrance is now around £12 for an adult and that is without extras like the café.
Labeling of  the parts that are original was useful with 'original' parts one colour and replacements another this put me in mind of the dilemma highlighted in BBC Radio 4's The Philospher's Arms about the Drifters Trigger's Broom (and much more).
It was interesting to  discuss with Shaun the battle between Physics and Philosophy - how do the two tie together and what if it is all Physics as Prof. Hawkins and co are saying  ( just chemicals and the like with no free will).

Whatever the spin that's being put on the crisis at the BBC Lord Patten is the chairman (of trust?) and is under pressure to exit, this could be worse that the mess around Dyke and Davis departure in 2004 and is having the effect of making mark Thompson look good.
It is quite easy for Patten to be generous with other people's money but I'm puzzled why a resignation should give George half a million pounds (plus a generous pension I expect) - if he's being honourable and taking the blame how can he take the money too?