Thursday, November 08, 2012

Naming restaurants and bars in Cyprus

If only
Now over my vacation I spent quite a bit of time reading and learning about philosophers - wouldn't it be great if the Socrates restaurant in Protaras actually was run by a great philosopher who'd hang out there and explain things to you?
Not only were there a few branded places (like McDonald's and Costa's) but there were other places that used TV shows as their brands like Cheers, Friends and Happy Days further up from the main drag was The Flintstones - not sure they'd all got clearance from the MGMs of this world but at least they were having some fun with identity in a tongue in cheek post modern  way.
Yab a dab a doo- Wilma
As well as starting the reading of the useful  Philosophy for Life: And other dangerous situations written by Jules Evans I read Nile Rogers amazing autobiography Le Freak.

They didn't know my name and were closed
Would Rachael hang out here?