Monday, November 19, 2012

Asparagus, planter and peas

Transplanted Asparagus
 Today I have been down to the allotment and continued with a bit of tidying up this included moving my scattered Asparagus (from seed) into one area I  gather that for best results the plants should be left to form lots of ferny foliage and that about now I need to cut down the stems leaving 5cm/2 inch stumps above the ground. I will do this on my next visit.
Peas with their sticks from Pear tree
 At home at the weekend gave the Pear tree it's autumn pruning - this involved cutting lots of straight twigs from the tree- they seem to me me to be of use as pea twigs on the peas I've planted out - time will tell.
Indoor Planting contraption

As I have not done too well with my herb growing I have decided to start a fresh batch indoors and am using this contraption from Robert Dyas for the propagation and will use for starting other plants through the year.