Sunday, November 25, 2012

Telco Bills and #5 Aristoteliansim

So the cost of Telecoms for the home in the UK is dropping and let me give you a gentle nudge to check what you pay..


1) I've used BT for phone and Broadband for some time (the last 15 years at least since we got back to the UK).
2) Internet access used to be expensive and choice for fixed line services was limited.
3) BT was the strongest provider in terms of service and support.


1) Switching has been made easier  look at services like Uswitch to help you see the offers.
2) Internet access is available from many providers - some bundle it with TV and mobile here's Talk Talk as an example (they do mobile too).
3) Sky amongst others have a good service ethos - BT is not the only show in town.

Having spent some money and time improving the broadband connectivity at home I became aware that we were only getting around 3.0 Mbps - looking on BT's own site it became apparent I should be getting something like 10.0 Mbsp - BT's site indicated that this would cost me around £13.00 per month and for transferring customers the deal waswith a  free 6 moths too. (line rental was on top of this but I could get 12 months line rental fixed at £129.00).
Cheap but good switch
I called BT to find out how I could get a faster service at a better price
Result from the call with a very helpful lady was that from spending £67.00 per month I will now be spending around £25.00 per month for a better (faster) broadband service.
Now I understand that this might not be good news for BT but they still have me as a customer (presumably making a profit on this) and they might be able to up-sell to me in the future.
There is  a question on when I get the improved speed and how BT can continue to make  good profits and invest for the future.

I will be providing some thought around mobile deals shortly! (here's a taster/warning).

Powerline Adapter

By the way improving my broadband was purchase of another Powerline adapter and an ethernet switch cost  less than £25.00 (total) with pretty much next day delivery (postage was included in that £25.00) via Amazon and Ebay purchases, all worked out of the box - amazing.

Big Idea  Number 5 Aristoteliansim

Aristotle was a pupil of Plato who favoured reasoning he was around from 384 BC and lived to be around 62 years of age.
Islamic scholars preserved records of his ideas during the 'dark ages'.
As you can see below he looks like the other guys with  a beard  and messy hair (as do so many engineers nowadays but this might be because of the lack of readily available digital cameras and a few overworked sculptors).
Aristotle emphasised deduction  and investigation of  both concrete and particular things and situations.