Friday, November 23, 2012

NEW BBC DG and #3 Platonism

So Tony Hall will (re) join the BBC in March as the DG, he is seen by many as a steady pair of hands with some good external experience (running/sorting out the Royal Opera House at present).
Hall Actually (Lord Hall) lost out to Mark Thompson during the recruitment for the post in 1999 and is a cultured man with a strong Public service ethos, time will tell if he is able to bring beneficial change to the UK's primary cultural body.

more on the really big ideas...

Number 3 Platonism

Plato is a seminal figure who recorded his dialogues with his teacher Socrates - it is not known how much he 'adjusted' the Socrates element.
The dialogues favour 'Ideas' over 'Experience' and the most influential dialogue is  considered to be The Republic - you can take a look at it here or try a  summary here.
Plato was born around 428 BC lived to age of about 80 which seems a ripe old age - his achievements in life included the founding of the Academy - in later life he was involved with Politics (nobody's perfect).