Sunday, November 11, 2012

Goodbye George Entwistle and Hi to delonix Regia

Not looking comfortable George?
So George Entwistle has gone from the post of BBC Director General and it is most  unlikely that he will be seen as  little more than a footnote in the organisation's history. Should he be anything more it will be that he will be the point when the organisation rapidly goes downhill.
Ed - next DG perhaps?
The decision to appoint internally was with hindsight a bad one and it is questionable that the selection of  next DG should follow the same path. Amongst the recent applicants for the post Ed Richards would be a good choice and would not have made the same mistake as Enwistle did (Asleep at the wheel and then a startled rabbit in the headlights) - perhaps the idea of getting someone to do the job (but not the headhunters) on the cheap was not such a good one .Could be a good time to look outside the BBC for a new perspective?
Nash at Kew
We went to Kew today the Autumn colours in the tress really lovely and quite a few visitors bit of a shame they've closed one of their cafés already meaning long Queues at Kew
In a perfect world my tree in a few years

Picked up some Delonix Regia seeds while we were in Cyprus and have sown these (indoors in a propagating tray )I hope something comes of them but it'll be a challenge!