Friday, September 04, 2015

Ealing: Philosophers Wanted

Yesterday I was in Ealing in my own little world and heard my name being called out - the caller was Dan Williams who regularly  leads a Philosophy Course (For Everyone) at Ealing's Perceval House (just near the Town Hall).

Dan had been out leafleting the coffee shops of Ealing to get the word out about his course.

I attended the course during the early part of this year and had already (coincidentally) signed up for another run this Autumn (starting   at 18:30 on September 24th -that's a Thursday )  - You can find the enrolment details and guide here. (The Philosophy for Everyone course is on page 17).

If you've asked yourself the big questions I'd recommend joining, there's a nice atmosphere and the big bonus is you get the  chance to explore ideas that have been puzzling people for at least 2,500 years.

Here's the Flyer - you can see it's got something you can get your teeth into  but the style of the sessions is not intimidating in the least.

Big questions and big thinkers - why not engage?

And here's the venue:

Go to the side entrance and ask for Dan -(Philosophy for Everyone) 

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