Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Manchester Trip (days 3 and 4)

On Sunday

 After a decent breakfast we headed off on a bit of a wander and as well as seeing the Central Library (round one) and the Hotel where Mr Royce and Mr Rolls started their business relationship (The Midland Hotel) we visited the Museum of Science and Industry.
This is a free Museum heavy on Technology (Power etcetera) and transport.

The Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

One of the impressive libraries

Mr Rolls and Mr Royce

In the afternoon we went to the Cineplex (Odeon) within the old Printworks development and saw the latest Tom Cruise production within the  Mission Impossible franchise - it's the  'Rogue Nation' chapter and to say it's full of action is putting it mildly - for me an oddly feelgood movie too, great support for Cruise from Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson.

We had actually seen a featurette on the Local Manchester ITV news which was all about the Stunt motorbike rider who completed the stunts as Rebecca Ferguson which probably helped entice us in.
As well as restaurants Printworks has a multiplex cinema

Beetham Tower at Night

Drinking in the  view

A friend recommended a drink at Cloud 23 bar within Beetham Tower and in the evening we went and had a drink (cocktails) there for me The Industrialist  and Debbie Vertigo - staff very nice and spectacular views - bit expensive though.
After that a decent enough Greek meal in the vicinity.
Quite a view from Cloud 23

And quite a drink too

The Gents Toilet had a great view and a diver was etched(?) on the window jumping  - quite something.

The Window view (with Diver) from Cloud 23 Gents Toilet

Monday and back home
Me and some flowers

On Monday morning we had a good wander and saw the Alan Turing Statue - also I tried out an odd chair in the hotel reception - all in all a good trip.

Turing and an Apple
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