Saturday, September 12, 2015

Going back in time?

In the 1970's as a school and later University student I spent quite a bit of time in my holidays  working in a factory, the work was physical but not overly onerous and my co-workers both student and full-time were pleasant and engaging.

The work involved the manufacture of materials for the sides (and tops) of covered over vehicles used in the transport industry - the end product was GRP (glass reinforced plastic) covered plywood panels of up to 40 foot in length.

Generally I was involved in the finishing of the products, sealing the edges and filling small surface abrasions  but occasionally I would help in the 'Production' where chemicals were used to create the hard resilient surfaces, this work was done to time and the resins used with the Glass Matte had a particular pungency.
Is it a time to Repair and Renew or scrap and move on?

Today I was reminded of this smell when I applied a repair kit to a broken birdbath -  I was reminded of what a different world the 70's offered up to the populace at large.

The election of Jeremy Corbyn was too (for me) a reminder of a past which had both good and bad points but like my own early industrial career it is not a time we can return to however strongly we or  a small faction of the electorate may desire a return.

In many ways fellow  Allotment plot holder Corbyn is an admirable character but is he at 66 the man to lead (decidedly not New)  Labour - for me I'm concerned that he's not. (Let's face it if he was to be at the helm in 2020 he'd be in his 70's)

While some may think his very presence at the helm will bring focus on the issues of significance to the left, me expectation is that much of the Political debate in the media will focus on his fashion faux-pas and splits within the party  ranks.

Why would MPs be loyal to a leader who will be unable to offer the patronage of a future PM but may lose them their seats?

Ask those who canvassed at the last election how many people they met who were not going to vote for the Ed Miliband version of Labour because he wasn't too left wing for them - I think there would in fact be more who considered him too radical .

My hope had been that JC would do a John Sergeant and declare himself out when it became clear he had more support then his approach warranted it  -seems this is not the case and our Opposition will be that of the harmless and charming left along with the Canute like dream world of the Len McCluskey 's of this world a man of similar vintage (65), an old school trade unionist born 20 years too late, a rabble rouser deficient in the rabble to be roused with none of the warm spirit of those who went before him.

For me this is a not a good result, giving the Tories what looks like two open goals for both London Mayoral (2016) and Prime-ministerial (2020) positions - I hope I'm wrong.
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