Sunday, September 20, 2015

45 at Ealing Cinema on The Green

On Friday we took a trip to Ealing Green to see if the mobile cinema was any sort of substitute for the real thing - fortunately we weren't too disappointed - people there were friendly and efficient and as it wasn't actually full (it holds 100 at a bit of a squeeze) we were able to find seats that gave a good view and didn't (hopefully) get in other cinema goers way. I suppose in reality many multiplex theatre/studios  are around about the 1,00 capacity anyway.

Like a real Cinema only smaller

The price is pretty much the same as other London cinemas ((£10 per seat) and the films are a mixture of current and classics - well enough projected and adequate sound.

The film we chose was a rather understated Brit Flick (a Film4 job) called 45 years, it's about greying angst and the laughs are pretty limited.

It is though   rather well acted by Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling in the main roles.

What I found especially  impressive was the apparent low levels of lighting used (it had the feel of film but don't know if it was 'electronic' or film - lloking it up seems it's 35mm film and  the  cinematographer on the film was Lol Crawley)

I also liked the way the interiors had been shot, all adding to a slightly claustrophobic feel which mirrored the protagonists relationship.

The venue from outside
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