Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Beatles in History

I can quite understand why people get irritated with the remaining two Beatles, from Frank Skinner's lack of graciousness towards Ringo Starr getting complimentary tickets to a recent Jerry-Lee Lewis concert to Paul McCartney's  continuing ability to regale the public at large with new nuggets about the creativity and life of the group they make many of today's movers and shakers appear  pygmy-like.

The truth is though that they really were so much more than just the sum of their four working class parts - I've just been enjoying the performance of the Fab Faux  performing the Abbey Road medley - it reminds me of what an amazing thing the group put together as their swansong and how awe inspiring it was to hear for the first time over 40 years ago.
Be-Four they found Blake and Hamilton

Not only were they creative in their own rights (or their own write)  but they were careful who they associated with, (Sir) Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton (who taught a young Bryan Ferry Art) are just 2 examples of pairs of artistic shoulders they rubbed.

And if you're having a go at Ringo listen to his drumming through the Beatles catalogue - he produced really tasteful 'fills' and his one solo on a Beatles Disc is great (and not as self indulgent as so  many drummers) - I think his contribution may well be valued more and last longer than some stand-up comics (amusing though they may be) -he might not have invented the phrased peace and love but he's a true one-off.

The other thing that will be getting down non-fans is the disclosure that the 'Boys' invented Pop Videos -(this announced to publicise the release of their  re-mastered promo's) -when another group comes along and surpasses them with a similar ingenuity humour and musicality  please do let me know.
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