Sunday, September 13, 2015

Around Ealing

Okay let's move away from the Politics and economics for  a while ...

September's so  often a nice month in the UK weather-wise and the last 3 days have seen a return to warm and (sometimes) sunny days.

On Saturday we took a walk down Mattock Lane to check out the Questor's 'Car-Boot' Sale, The Questors is a bit of an Ealing  Institution and  landmark just next to Walpole Park - culturally it offers near professional performances in  purpose designed spaces - a full theatre and studio space.

Boot Sale Flyer
Another nice day for the sale

Many years ago I did some lighting assistant work for a few productions and they are always looking for  keen volunteers both in front of and behind the scenes one of the guys helping with the sale on Saturday was also extolling the virtues of the low cost beverages in the Grapevine bar there.


After promenading the wares on show (and resisting buying an Avocado plant) we moved on to Meat and Shake that's a place not an activity.

Meat and Shake has taken up residency at what was Café Rouge and offers a pretty good burger (Some Chicken, Hot-Dogs and Ribs too but mainly Burgers) the service was fine but they didn't seem too crowded - not sure if this is helped by the fact that the drinks are all alcohol free - not a real problem for me at lunch time but nice to have the option when out of an evening - hope they continue and perhaps add Wine and Beer to their menu. (meal for two came in at around £32.00)

The outside Meat and Shake on The Green Ealing
Not Missing Meat

And the lack of a cinema continues to irritate ..

But for the next few weeks there's a sort of Pop-up job on Ealing Green that's been labelled a Travelling Cinema - hope to pay a visit before it ups and goes find out more here.

Inside it holds about 100 people in proper cinema type seats - they've arranged popcorn and the like - programme varied and reminds us we need to keep up the moaning about the lack of a Cinema in Ealing (of all places).
It's incredible the space inside and the varied bill -do try and visit.

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