Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thinking about Cameras

I have been  thinking quite hard about getting another camera but not sure if I will get one and which way I’d
Only about £5 new.
go - my first camera was a Kodak camera using 127 film, it had  fixed focus and aperture (I think I was only about 7) from this I went to the Cosmic 35 a bit of a masterpiece of Soviet Russian workmanship, really liked this and at this time started doing my own printing with a Johnsons fixed focus enlarger - a sort of metal box that you wiggled an electric light across.

It was used for making prints

At this time my Uncle Harry was Art editor on a local evening newspaper (Leicester Mercury) and gave me lots of Ilford films, and accessories (like a flash gun and a light meter) and photography was quite a popular  hobby at school amongst my friends too.

After this when i got some money I got an SLR (I think a Canon) and lenses etc. but the carrying around of everything meant I sometimes either didn't take the ‘kit’ or I spent more time looking through the viewfinder than enjoying the trip.
When I went to do a horticulture class (nearly 7 years ago) I got my first proper digital camera and it really makes photography pleasurable again.
My current IXUS 75 (from Canon -similar models are now around £75 ) is working well at almost 7 years old and is  very much point and shoot but seems to give fairly good results, seeing the picture when you've taken it means you can often take another to rectify mistakes.

Having though about it I reckon my next camera  will be another compact and am thinking about the Canon SX280HS powershot it’s about £170 and has some amazing features (like GPS, 20x optical zoom, full HD video at 1080! and Wi-Fi) - and is still very easy to carry around - useful youtube review below .

Some question about the battery charge life but I’ll perhaps a get a spare?

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