Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Radio 4's 'The future is not what it used to be' and Cauliflowers go out

This morning I listened to a thought provoking radio documentary on the shifting economic backdrop as it's experienced today.
The guy asking the questions was Martin Wolf, who has a day job as the chief economics commentator of the Financial Times as you'd expect from a FT journalist the analysis was very much around standards of living and economic growth - what I came away with was that the economies of the UK and USA are for the foreseeable future  'flat-lining'  as no doubt Ed Balls  would delightedly gesture (I've a gesture for him).
Ed's gesture

My view is that this might be worrying but is doesn't necessarily  have to be, much was made of the improvements that have been brought to our lives by things like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia  all of which cost us nothing to use (there's an argument to be had here of course but the point is they don't  necessarily appear in some measures of economic  activity).

There are also many 'Apps' now and in the future which will/can enhance lives - are these being overlooked?

While many young people will not see year on year improvements the way that their parents generation did we are (I would say) fairly well provided for in material terms and the upcoming crises are about over supply and obesity - so perhaps the future is rosier than some commentators would have us believe.

The subject matter is definitely worthy of thought -you can follow this link to  listen to the programme.

On the plot

Cauliflowers 6 I think) planted out today, they're protected so will water them and care for them until they are well established.

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