Saturday, May 10, 2014

3rd time lucky - Picture of the Week again..

I've another  photo published in this weeks Ealing Gazette - I'm beginning to think there's not too much competition for the  Picture of the Week accolade -  my third one in as many months..

But the lack of a Cinema in Ealing  really irritates me and perhaps others will join me in thinking that late 2017 for a start on this project is just not good enough - if the plans have been agreed what's the delay?

There's a petition here if you'd like to add your name.

Bath Time

Good to see that like Douglas Adams the writer/philosopher  Alain de Botton sees the value of a bath - why shower when you can luxuriate in your own world?

Archimedes had his Eureka moment in one - so can you (And if you worry about the bad publicity baths have for water and energy don't -power showers are just as bad The Daily Mail says so).

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