Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday at Kew and Bird poo not so lucky..

The Japanese Garden at  Kew
Later this summer we'll be making a trip to see Jools Holland in Concert in the delightful setting of Kew Gardens,  I rather doubt that the weather will be any better than that which we had on Sunday when we took a walk  around.

Kew seems to be very much on the Tourist map for those visiting London and it has a really cosmopolitan feel with many languages being spoken.

What a shame that the valuable research which is a substantial   benefit to UK PLC has (we're told) to be  cut back..

Bird Poo (on me)

Today as I walked down the road thinking all was well I got an almighty shock when going under a tree a bird evacuated its inners and it landed on me (mainly my head and shoulders) it was warm,m dark and not smelly but I rushed home changed and washed.
Well I've heard that there's a superstition  (this guy has had it happen thirteen times which seems excessive)   that it's lucky - will let you know if it proves to be true (if I detect it).

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