Monday, May 05, 2014

Beatles 50 years after cracking the USA and Allotment tweets

On Friday night/Saturday morning i watched the American produced Grammy tribute to The Beatles, all-in-all I quite enjoyed it and found it (in places) quite emotional.

I do though have a bit of an issue around the artists selected to cover the songs (why was David Grohl featured so heavily?) - how were they arrived at? Are they the best available or on such an occasion is there a certain amount of 'horse trading' going on?
I am also somewhat troubled by the use of camera shots of celebrities - particularly those that have motivations -for example What will Yoko do when Paul performs?

On the allotment
Not early but got the worm

Great day yesterday (weather-wise) and spent a few hours digging and planting - a couple of birds came to visit me - it's amazing how confident Robins are they come really close to you when you're digging (there interest is in the worms)

Rocking Robin
I also saw a blackbird getting stuck in top a late lunch  but generally  I was more  focused on my Squashes and Pumpkins.

I also transfered the location of my Asparagus plants - they're hanging in there but not delivering much of a crop - in fact we've eaten all that 2014 produced  in two bites - not enough to make much of an impact.

Nice Link

Got this link from Jules Evans and his excellent weekly PoW (Philosophy of Well-Being) - the link is about the death of adult education replaced by more work related development  (well that's how I interpret it anyway).

Small Spears

Planting the Butternut squash

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