Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Death and the Obituary and the future of Domestic Smart Energy Metering

Sad to read that Clive James is nearing the end of his life but pleased to see that looking back  he's able tohe's got a fine website which he's  spent a lot of time curating most effectively over recent years - James is 74 which these days in the West seems tragically young to die- I remember mu Uncle mentioning to me on reaching 70   that when he was younger he felt this was a reasonable age corresponding with bible's estimation of a life as 'Three score years and Ten' but having reached it he was keen to have more!
Clive James -still working
be positive about how it went and what he  has done -

Well as well as the length one should perhaps judge the time on earth by quality and I was interested to read this week's Economist Obituary of Clyde Snow (the Economist obituaries generally make a good read but  here's the Telegraph's version not behind a pay-wall!) - what a balanced and worthwhile life he seems to have led (and he reached 86),  reading about him it seems there's something of the Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones films about him the mix of academia and real life which many of us strive for..

Smart Energy Metering will come soon

I recall when I worked at BT that Smart metering was already on the cards - well it's getting nearer and it's potentially another opportunity for the energy companies to differentiate themselves from one another, a method of evening out supply and demand and something that'll confuse many.

A smart meter sir?
The idea is that smart devices can look at the best time to run (say a washing machine) - the idea has been around for some time with Economy 7 but distributed intelligence in devices and connected metering can move this forward.

OFGEM is going to have to look again at its efforts to regulate the market fairly - having reduced the number of tariffs there's potential for an infinite number of smart tariffs that will be turning appliances on and off through the night and maybe switching between providers - look here at what the smart meter website reckons.
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