Saturday, May 24, 2014

retail - TVs at John Lewis and another coffee shop in Ealing

During the week I found myself early for a meeting and decided to visit the Oxford Street branch of John
John Lewis
Lewis, I'm not sure how long it is since I've been there but there's been a major revamp -I'd say  it's now on a par with Selfridges for wow factor with the long walkways leading into escalators and a glass ceiling that makes it very light and airy.

What impressed me even more was the gadget department at the top of the store - the modern TVs there  are incredible - the image quality is staggering with some enormous   4K displays and even the screens that are 'only' HD showing really great pictures- prices not  that high, the challenge is choosing a screen that is not too big for a normal English living room.

If you're thinking of getting a nice new telly I reckon you could do worse than buy from JL (never knowingly undersold).

Another coffee shop

In Ealing for a long time the gentleman's outfitters Alfred Sayers closed at the back end of last year - well it seems it's
It used to be a clothes shop for men
 going to be a coffee shop (yeah we need more of those), now it's better to have this than an empty shop but really - I'm much like most of the population in that I like a cup of coffee after shopping/going to the bank, getting the dry cleaning  etcetera but the scenario we're getting is going from one coffee shop to another - be really nice to have a butchers or a greengrocers but I suppose that's not realistic...

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