Friday, May 02, 2014

London memories and another Blue Plaque

So sad

London life can be a bit crazy, the other day when I was in the gents, I saw a guy carrying on a  conversation on his  mobile while using the urinals- it didn't seem right (also there are many problems with dropping phones into toilets).

 When I was in the West End on one of the tube strike days I some dude was amongst the traffic on his roller-blades behaving like a car (this is Not New York is it?)
Not New York

But other things are still good..

Blue Plaque time

Just by Park Crescent I saw a plaque to Dame Marie Tempest who was as well as a famous singer and comedienne was  instrumental in starting the actors union Equity - it's a great name and  quite a career too.
A figure in Equity

Not the Middle East either



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