Saturday, May 31, 2014

Finding Aristotle at CityLit

Today I further exercised my interest in Philosophy with an introduction to Aristotle at the City Lit in Keeble Street The day long session was called Philosophy and the Ancient Greeks: Aristotle and the Tutor was John Goff.

It really is amazing to be reminded of what Athens produced in the way of pioneering thought over two and a half thousand years ago - Aristotle was a part of a continuum that covered Thales, Socrates, Plato and which continues to cast a shadow over the so called ' modern' philosophers.
Nice quote from Aristotle
Aristotle who had been Plato's star pupil at the Academy was of a scientific persuasion with a deep interest in Marine Biology, he pretty much invented Meteorology and has left around 30 books to show the amount of work he completed in his 62 years.

Although there are of course areas that have been refined by other thinkers his work offers a beacon to areas worth of investigation across Theory, Phronesis and Techne - his central thesis was that we (man) pursue happiness, but happiness here is more about flourishing than a simple hedonistic pleasure.

It was nice to see that CityLit does not have only one great presenter on Philosophy ( - John's style was different from Scott who taught  a  course I attended earlier in the year but was equally engaging and straightforward (as it could be considering the subject)

Here's a link to the slides that were the basis of the session and below is a 3 minute excursion

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