Saturday, February 08, 2014

You can start a petition too and a great Blackberry Playbook Offer

Yesterday I mentioned an online petition that had been launched to highlight some of the issues about the proposed update of Ealing Broadway Station (in London UK) in light of the Crossrail project and the stations use as an interchange.

Ben Rattray Change Starter
Well it seems (and you know I have doubts about the outcomes) anyone can start a petition using here's what they've told me lets anyone, anywhere start a petition. It’s free and can be about anything you want to change.  Start your petition now.
Together, we're powerful. The more of us that join together in support of a campaign, the better the chance of being heard. (You can share Save Ealing's Centre's petition now on Facebook, Twitter, or via email).
This works. With support from people like you, hundreds of campaigns are won every month. Click here to see some of the most inspiring victories.
we started hoping that it would bring people together to make the world a better place - we’re so excited that you got involved. Thank you welcome to! is a US outfit that now operates in many countries you can find out a bit more about how thew organisation works here.

Blackberry Playbook Offer

It's over a year since I bought a Playbook at what I thought was an incredible price well today I got an email from itj direct with what I would say is an absolute steal (they're not paying me!)

The device is a lot of fun and good for email, catch-up TV and Radio (for me it works well with BBC iplayer radio which I use a lot).

I know Blackberry have troubles but this to my mind is a 'steal' (but the units are refurbished).

I reckon this is a good offer


We've now had a bottle of the Selvascura Principe Strozzi 2011 from
Laithwaites it's a fairly full bodied red which to date is not my favourite  (by any means).
Having said that some of the reviewers here obviously have different taste buds from mine and the bottle is attractive.
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