Monday, February 17, 2014

'Equitable Life Payment Scheme' need to learn Communication Skills and A lovely sunny Sunday in February.

Communication is an important and vital life skill in the days we live, be it verbal written or that which we enjoy during face to face meetings it should always aim for clarity.

It is great to use flowery language in prose and poetry that paints pictures but in day to day letters and e-mails top priority should be reserved  for 'understanding'.

When we talk or read we assume (too much) and anticipate that the recipient is in tune with what we're planning to get across.

Recently I got a letter indicating that payment would be sent to me in the 'next few days' - now I've not received this payment as yet and it's now about 3 weeks since the letter was sent to me, I've written asking if the 'warrant' was sent and what 'a few days means' to them, the response has been even less illuminating, saying they will write when payment is due and  suggesting I visit their website- carefully avoiding (perhaps) to actually provide any information as to whether the payment has been sent and what 'a few days' is or indeed that they're sorry for any confusion they may have caused.
My letter I think was clear and referenced but to my mind the response is poor and incomplete.

So I would adviser those working on the Equitable Life Payment Scheme please state clearly what you mean.

Nice Sunday 

Wow! A nice day on Sunday the first time for quite a few weeks that I've been able to get out on the allotment and what a pleasure it was, I was actually able to dispense with my jumper it was so warm.
February sun on the shed

Ground not as saturated as i expected and planted two Apple trees a Bramley and an eater I am crossing my fingers that they both survive.
Also did some weeding and trimmed some of the trees that are by the
Bramley bought at Wilkinson's


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