Sunday, February 02, 2014

Finishing a book!

I'm feeling a little smug (no change there I here), the reason is that I've actually completely read a book from start to end  and these days this is a little rare. The credit for me actually finishing it and fairly briskly too is that Michael Foley writes well and on an interesting topic (to me) Embracing the Ordinary has taught me several things and introduced me to new writers painters and artists, and in fact reminded me of a great little book called The Mezzanine which is all about modern office life and the delight of which I had all but
I read it!
forgotten (the book not the life).

The book was not what I expected it to be (which would have been a celebration of all the great things we now have like fantastic energy efficient  motor cars, the ability to see the greatest works of art, the pleasure of a good shave, the joy of fine dining and of course McDonalds - it was actually something of a challenge to find someone saying something good about Maccy Ds online but there you go).

What the book was about (largely) was Proust and Joyce - so I'm reinvigorated with the prospect of reading in search of lost time ..
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