Thursday, February 13, 2014

Organising a library .. (one day) and when you're getting your petrol

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Alain de Botton is sometimes castigated for his approach as well as audience and his willingness to participate, as I started my initial probings of Kant I sought an easy way in and Googled 'de Botton' and Kant, I should have realised at the enter key that what I was doing was merely postponing the struggle.
My Googling go me to de Botton to a Philosophy Bites (it was rather worryingly identified because within the interview Alain says what a pity it is that Kant was such a bad writer) .
[Interestingly while preparing for next weeks' top philosopher Kant I find that in the set work of Magee {video/book} the consensus is that Kant is a poor writer but excused because he was writing in a hurry due to his advanced years (58 old was old in those days)]
What listening to the podcast reminded me was what a capable communicator de Botton is, as he says he's upsetting a vested professional interest (largely academic philosophers within the state controlled education sector) , reducing the barriers of entry to the business of being a philosopher.

This took me to look to see if I had de Botton on Proust - I think I have but I can't find it, I did though find an author signed paperback by him which indicates how things have now improved for him, I do I found have a somewhat (to me anyway) surprisingly large number of books that could fit into a philosophy section along with Media and Gardening specialties.

When one visits a shop, a gallery or a museum one is actually looking at a curated exhibition so it is a matter of  some import to structure one's own collections to be able to make the most of them.

Although when I've spoken to librarians (scary in itself?) they've tended to dis the Dewey Decimal scheme but it seems to haver at least the virtue of being widely used and understood - I intend when I need a further diversion to start to categorize my own collection along this pattern.

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