Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Losing it (and then finding it) - how my brain works/ed .. More books to read..

If you look at a few of my blog entries you'll notice that there's often some sort of illustration in the way of a photo, most (but not all) of these photos are taken by me and yesterday lunchtime on my way home I thought I'd take a quick picture (I'm not sure what it was of) and noticed it was not there -  I thought about where I'd been and what I'd done and came to the conclusion the camera (a Canon compact digital number) could be at home but I also tied in the thought of the sound of something near me (somewhat unexplained at the time) during my class earlier at CityLit.
My little photographic friend

When I got home I emptied by bag and pockets and looked around to check that the camera was not in these places. Having established that it wasn't I emailed (perhaps optimistically) the CityLit asking them if the camera had been handed in.

 I really like the camera an IXUS 75  which I've had for over 6 years and although I could take pictures with my phone (Nokia Lumia 710) or my Playbook it would not I fear be the same type of photo - I had started looking at other models and the special offer Canon IXUS 132 (with WiFi inbulit) was looking attractive at Currys.

Today I was delighted to hear from them that it had and that I could retrieve it, the fact that I had somehow let it fall from my bag but that it was handed in is really good news - thanks to whoever handed it in and  CityLit for responding.
This 'event' feels like it has given me an insight into my  'human behaviour'  it being interesting and another example of another way that the  Turing test would be unmet in a similar way.

Henri Bergson, Alain de Botton and a dictionary 

 Of late I've been raving about Michael Foley and when I was ordering a dictionary of Philosophy I felt compelled to order at the same time from the excellent series of slim volumes from The School of Life a book by Foley on Henri Bergson.
More from Foley
Bergson it seems was all about the process and as well as a Nobel prize winning author  he was a noble prize winning author declining at the time of the French Vichy collaborators government  an opportunity to deny his lineage on the offer of being granted the right to be an Honorary Aryan.
I will read more Foley's interpretation of Bergon's philosophy with interest.
Connecting the Foley book I've got Alain's book on the News - Alain is the founder of The School of Life.
Yet again Amazon have delivered ahead of schedule - it's great to have your expectations exceeded by a massive company -there are many others I could list here who are far  more likely to fall short and to be unaware of their failings.

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