Saturday, February 15, 2014

Eating out at David's and changes in popular music production

14-02-14 has a nice symmetry about it and as it is also Valentine's Day it was a chance for us  to go out and have a pleasant celebration meal.
We went to  Chez L'ami David in Pitshanger Lane Ealing it's local and a fairly genuine French Bistro type place, it was of course packed (even with the god awful weather we had) Valentine's Day  is after all one of the few evenings that Restaurants can be all but  guaranteed a full house (along with Mother's Day).

The "Maître D" named  David I presume that is his name was quite entertaining and tending to split his conversation 50/50 between English and French, the guy on the table next to us made a really good effort with his ordering using the French language skills he had available to him.

Food was nice and my first real chance to have something with foam (With the Granite, what's all the fuss about?) - really enjoyed the Asparagus in my salad  starter but my feeling would be that they could have 'milked'  the occasion a bit more - perhaps a rose for the lady etcetera.

Popular Music

This morning I listened to a radio programme all about technological changes in music production, "All You Need Is Lab: How Science And Technology Inspired Innovation In Music" it was well crafted and of interest to me.
Yesterday morning I listened to Rubber Soul – it really is an amazingly good album.
I would be very (and genuinely) interested to hear something as diverse and playful being created in the field of popular music now or recently.

What (of many things) that blew me away was the musicianship, Ringo is such a talenteddrummer always it seems producing something appropriate not dominating but adding to the whole. It is also easy to forget what a fine melodic lead George provides tasteful flourishes and adornments are liberally sprinkled through this album the first by the boys which is all self penned (principally by John and Paul but with George and even Ringo getting credits).

Here too you feel the group being egged on and abetted by their producer George Martin – George adds so many keyboard parts including a mucked about piano made to sound Harpsichord like on one of John's stand-out songs In my Life.
The album has such a diversity from the folk-ish Norwegian Wood to the quasi- soul of 'The Word' I can almost hear this as a  Gospelly number ringing out from a Southern Baptist church with Preacher screaming at the congregation (or is that just me?).

Anyway until that happens here's Paul re-visiting the song in Spain in 2011
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