Thursday, February 06, 2014

Numbskulls and Bank Scams

One of the 'slides' on the Philosophy presentations shows miniature figures operating and observing the  'person' I presume this is to show some distance and raise questions around how we behave and idea of an automaton type of creation.
The sight of the cartoon took me back (again) to the times I'd visit my maternal Grandparents in Leicester, their neighbours across 'the passage' Vida and Ron had children (I can't recall their names at this
Memory Triggers
 moment) who did really well for comics (the British type not flashy American DC versions) and when we visited there'd generally be a stock of Beanos, Dandys and Topper which were entertaining and I think devoid of advertising at this time one of my favourite strips was in fact Numskulls which worked on much the same angle as the Philosophy illustration.
It's not one of Prousts Madeleine but it is another trigger for memories and I'm not the onl;y one who has seen a connection with the Philosophy department.

A quite day at Numskull HQ

Bank scams

I suppose we're very far from being alone in getting a number of nuisance calls (generally offering us help around Payment protection and Motor Insurance claims), the other day I got what I now presume to be another variety of scam.
The call in question was around credit card/debit card use and suggested that  my card had been used in Poland to the sum of £1800 pounds as it is some time since I've been to Poland (10 years roughly) I was puzzled, no details of the transaction were revealed and no query of my card number made but I did ask for a reference for this, which was given shortly after this the call finished.
My phone (landline) indicated number withheld which for such calls is as far as I'm concerend a 'warning' sign.
Scammers want your details

Subsequently I've checked my cards and not found anything amiss.

Listening yesterday afternoon to Moneybox on BBC radio 4 I heard of scams which manage to extract credit card details from vulnerable people  and I wonder if this was the start of such an effort - be careful and don't give your details on your cards to anyone you have the slightest suspicion on.
The other warning is with any e-mails banks do not ask for card password and PIN details check transaction sites are using https:// type sites (these are more likely to be secure).

Another day Another bottle

So still sampling from the Laithwaites selection, last night was The Huguenot Sauvignon Blanc (2012) which worked well with a Chicken fried rice mixture nice and crisp with no unpleasant after taste -here's what they say about it.

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